Vascular Disease is highly complex and therefore requires highly trained experienced surgeons that can tailor the treatments to the individual patient and their individual disease process.

Vascular disease is diverse, complex, and oftentimes found in many different parts of the body. Vascular Surgeons are trained to treat patients using medical management, endovascular, and open surgical techniques allowing them to offer patients the treatment that is right for them at the right location whether it be the office, cath lab, operating room or surgery center. Furthermore, all patients that undergo treatment require ongoing critical follow-up of the procedures and their other vascular disease to insure the best possible outcomes.

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The Oregon Vascular and Vein Institute (OVVI) is fully equipped to treat arterial and venous conditions using an advanced surgical and endovascular suite staffed by highly specialty trained personnel. In addition, we also offer the convenience of an onsite vascular ultrasound lab which provides non-invasive reliable imaging. Our minimally invasive treatments provide a positive patient experience and result in less trauma, bleeding and post-operative pain leading to a faster recovery. OVVI board-certified vascular specialist perform onsite vascular and endovascular surgeries, as well as non-surgical repair of varicose and spider veins through our own in-house vein clinic staffed by highly experience advanced practitioners.

Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Cardiovascular disease remains the most common cause of death among women and men in the US and has been for the past 30 years. Women generally have poorer outcomes with heart attacks and stroke likely because they are under-diagnosed and treated less aggressively than men. We at OVVI feel an urgency and commitment to address these pervasive gaps in knowledge and treatment to achieve equity. We can drastically and immediately improve the health and well-being of all women through:

  • Awareness and Education
  • Encourage Screening Programs directed towards women.
  • Access and Delivery of Equitable Health Care
  • Improving the Understanding and Prevention of CV disease in women

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